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Flint Knapping Stone Rock by the Box
141   Small Spalls and Flakes Mix - Medium Flat Rate Box

Graded for beginners and for our own kit material, these small spalls and flakes range from 2-4 inches in length and include a mix of keokuk chert, heat treated novaculite, obsidian and/or dacite. Medium USPS Flat Rate box packed with 12 pounds. Box price includes shipping within the domestic United States.

Price: $65.00 / box

Product Description

This mix of small spalls and flakes is graded for our own kits for their size and ease for beginners to learn on. Stone types included in this mix are heat treated Novaculite, heat treated Keokuk chert, Obsidian, and/or Dacite. Sizes range from flakes to small spalls that will require some percussion. Mix will include mostly 2-4 inch material. This size is good for small to medium points and blades. Priority Mail Postage within the United States is pre-paid and included in the price of this 12 lb box of 2-4 inch mixed small spalls and flakes.

International Customers should contact us for adjusted shipping and other limitations before purchasing.

The small spalls offer a chance to try your hand at percussion flaking techniques, while some of the thin flakes allow you to jump right into pressure flaking methods. This size of stone is perfect for a small antler or medium copper billet, no large billets required to work.

Arkansas Novaculite most often is white to off white but can sometimes be found in shades of black, translucent, red, and purple. Keokuk is a high quality chert found in parts of Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Keokuk is typically cream to pink colored when heated, and may contain bands and speckles of bright red and brown. Obsidian and Dacite are either black or grey, and are igneous stone types found in areas with past volcanic activity.

WARNING: Flakes can be sharper than razor blades! Exercise extreme caution! We highly recommend using gloves to work this material as it will make even the most experienced knapper bleed.

We strive to provide the cleanest, blemish free knapping material within our means. On some spalls however, blemishes do get past us because not all defects are evident at first or even second inspection.  In efforts to avoid defects as much as possible, we perform a few thinning blows to ensure that you do not pay for large amounts of waste, over thick spalls, or fragile/thin sizes that will shatter with the first strike.

If you are unsure about what you need, please visit our Flintknapping Buyer's Guide, or feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help.


More pieces of stone per pound than our larger 3-6 inch material, these small spalls and flakes spread out over a class or seminar particularly well. Also, only one small to medium billet is needed to work these sizes of stone, rather than a large elaborate tool kit. The mix of stone types help offer some variety and allows a new knapper to identify a particular stone type that they may want to try more of in the future.

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