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Raw Craft Materials
808   Antler Beam Section Knife Handle Blank

Large upper main beam section of Mule deer antler great for knife handle projects. Pre-cut and sanded, naturally shed and weathered. Sold individually.

Price: $10.00 / Each

Product Description

Naturally shed and weathered, these antler handle blanks are perfect for primitive weaponry crafts when a natural look of age is desired. Our beam handle blanks are relatively straight, since they are cut from the main beam section of antler and include a side of the fork that has been cut and sanded and ready to be customized for your own knife project. This section of Mule deer antler tends to have more pith (marrow) than the crown section, and thus is not suitable for solid carving material.

Rough sanded, cut to a shape similar to examples shown in the product pictures. Size, shape, and color will vary from handle to handle as these are all natural.  Some handles show more weathering patina, micro-cracks, and age than others.

Approx 4-6 inches long from end to end. Width at blade side of handle will be a 1 inch minimum. Priced per individual handle.


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