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Glues Hafting & Pigments
421   Primitive Paints and Pigments Kit

This kit includes one half ounce of each of our six unique natural earth ochre pigments, granular animal hide glue binder, and complete instructions to make perfect paints for your primitive weaponry and arts projects.

Price: $30.00 / Each

Product Description

This paint kit includes one half ounce of each of our natural powdered ochre pigments: Bright Red, Dark Red, Bright Yellow, Dark Yellow, Green, and Black. Also included is two and a half ounces of granular natural animal hide glue to be used as a binder, complete instructions on making your own custom paints, and tips on antiquing using ochre and wax to achieve some spectacular finished results. A must have for replicators or anyone else wanting to produce top shelf primitive weaponry or other fine decorated arts and crafts.

Primitive man has been using these same types of pigments to add color to cave walls, weaponry, pottery, clothing, and just about everything else since before recorded history.

Powdered ochre can be diluted in water, hide glue, or any number of different mediums. A thin hide glue solution mixed with a small amount of ochre is great for adding crest marks on your arrows, weaponry, and  various other crafts that won't rub off or smear.

The intensity and brightness/darkness of the final dried color can be controlled by adjusting the amount of pigment used in the paint mixture. For example a dark yellow can easily be made into brown if you add large amounts of pigment in relation to the amounts of liquid substrate used in your pain mixture. The color of raw powdered ochre does also change slightly after being added to a liquid medium.

Ochres and glue are double bagged in sealed poly bags for easy portability and use. Great gift item for anyone interested in primitive crafts and technology.

Due to variations in computer monitors and photos, actual color may be slightly different than what you see on your screen. 

For additional natural earth ochre mixing and use instructions, please check out our Using Primitive Paints and Pigments how-to page.

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