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Arrow Making Supplies
115   Great Plains Style Arrow Kit - Stone Point -

A premium lesson in traditional arrow making with all the needed supplies and 21 page instruction booklet. This kit features a hand knapped stone arrow point, cedar arrow shaft, natural ochre pigments, turkey feathers, and more.

Price: $18.99 / Each

Kit Description

This is the easiest way we've seen to learn about the manufacture of primitive arrows.

This kit is a great project for adults and older kids (with close adult guidance and supervision). Perfect for scoutmasters who want to lead their scouts through the process of making award arrows.

Kit Includes:

  • Arrow Shaft Stock
  • Turkey Wing Feathers
  • Hand Knapped Stone Arrow Point
  • Animal Hide Glue
  • Ochre Pigments
  • Artificial Sinew Spool 
  • 21 Page Instruction Booklet - This booklet details on how we produce our gallery grade specimen arrows.

Scoutmasters and Educators -- educate your scouts about the concept of arrow spine and warn them about NOT shooting unspined shafts.

This kit is NOT intended to provide shootable arrows but will demonstrate the essential skills Native Americans used to make them and give you a fine replica piece for display or awards.

*Finished arrow shown in product picture is a general representation of what can be produced from the supplies in the kit. Kit includes components and instructions only.

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