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309   Natural Deer Backstrap Sinew

Cleaned and dried whitetail backstrap sinew hanks that are approx 15-18 inches long for hafting, fletching, and sewing projects. Priced per individual hank/strip.

Price: $8.00 / Each

Product Description
Product Description

Hand scraped and dried whitetail deer sinew for hafting and sewing needs. Priced per individual hank/strip.

Most hanks are 15 to 18 inches long and come with basic sinew preparation instructions. For longer/thicker sinew, please see our Elk backstrap offerings.

WARNING: Order this material ONLY if your state allows its sale! Some states prohibit commerce in certain whitetail deer parts.

Limited supply, please email for availability before purchasing bulk quantities.

Check out our Fletching Traditional Arrows how-to page for information on attaching feathers to arrow shafts using traditional methods.

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